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Through contract partners we can provide:

  • Establishing of your company
  • Legal, accounting and tax service
  • Legal service
  • We can provide residence for you company

Legal, bookkeeping and tax service

We can provide following services for you:
● declaration of taxes
● legal services
● leading of pay and personal agenda
● bookkeeping

Tax related services
● declaration of taxes from earning tax for a physical person
● declaration of taxes from earning tax for a legal person
● calculation of due tax
● calculation of deferred tax
● entries increasing and decreasing VAT
● vehicle tax
● direct tax annual accounting for employees
● advancement calculation on income tax for physical and legal persons
● estate duties

Legal services
Can you not keep up with legislative changes and do you want to devote yourselves to your business, save time, money or simply avoid unforeseen circumstances? Within our counseling service, we will help you to orient yourselves in the laws and regulations related to given issues.
In cooperation with our contract partners we can provide for you: complete legal service when establishing, changing and liquidating business companies
● transfer of business shares, execution of documents and other
● counseling at business deals with your business partners
● conducting court or other legal offices applications
● court and out of court asset exaction
● representing clients in a court and other legal offices in all kinds of business
● counseling and information within legal order of SR
● Successful praxis of our office lies in resolving your requests as if they were our own..

Administration of wages and personal agenda

● Wage processes according to given specifications
● Calculation of employee insurance
● annual accounting of dependant tax
● annual health insurance accounting
● monthly account processing for insurance companies, social insurance company and tax bureau
● monthly tax advances, quarterly overviews of shrunk advances from direct income, annual reports of shrunk annual advances from direct income
● communication with insurance companies, delivery of all needed paper work to health and social insurance companies
● preparation of employment contracts , agreements on material responsibility and other legal work
● employee check –in and check out
● administration of personal records

Accounting administration
● single entry bookkeeping
● double entry bookkeeping
● backward bookkeeping processing
● financial statements processing
● additional financial statements processing

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