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Through contract partners we can provide:

  • Establishing of your company
  • Legal, accounting and tax service
  • Legal service
  • We can provide residence for you company

Establishment Ltd.

Establishment of a company is a complicated process, which requires constant contact with the process, as well as deep knowledge of corresponding legal regulations and legislative required for a successful sign of the company into the Commercial. Without former experience, the company establishment process can take several weeks or even months. We also add what exact procedures je need to assoil and what type of documents will you need prior to establishing a company.
Why to choose our company:
1. You will only pay for our service after successful signing in of your company into Commercial registry and after receiving your docket from the Commercial registry, therefore you don’t risk anything.
2. We provide guarantee of your companies sign up within 20 workdays.

Establishment of a company

  • Processing of all document required to establish a company
  • Providing of business licenses
  • Enrollment into a Commercial
  • Registration at the tax bureau
  • Procuration of our client at the appropriate Tax bureau assistance

Other services

  • transfer of the trade allotment
  • extension of business articles
  • changing of company’s residence
  • change of agens


  • bookkeeping and economic counseling
  • business counseling
  • legal counseling


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